Matilda is a Director with a background in Video Editing. She creates emotive and impactful stories that visualise our present and future world. As a dedicated filmmaker she is immersed in the work and the stories that make the films.  Matilda works with video across documentary, film, music and content. Her work often looks at cause-based stories and female narratives with her  bold visual style that creates impact. 
Matilda's work has been featured in, Girls in Film, Tate Modern, Liverpool Film Festival, Latitude, Mahogany Sessions, ICA London, Waterbear Network and  Random Acts, Channel 4. Clients she has worked with in the past include, The Waterbear Network, TUMI, Mahogany Sessions and McLaren.
Off set, Matilda can be found Dj’ing and mixing and cutting music and visiting galleries. Photography, poetry, painting and film are an integrated part of her daily creative life and process of creating. 
Available for new projects and collaborations - come chat with me below. Let's make some movie magic!
Director Rep for Music: Carrie Sutton 
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