Matilda is a Film Director with a background in video editing & photography across music, documentary and film. She captures the poetic nuances of human existence. Explores underrepresented narratives and re-directs that energy back into empowered story lines.  
As a passionate filmmaker she is immersed in the work and the stories that make them. Matilda works with a careful consideration and spontaneity that is both open-minded and provocative.  She has passionately carved out a bold poetic aesthetic that has led to working with record labels and artists with Friction,  Sony and Capital Records. 
Matilda’s work has been featured in, Promo News, Girls in Film, Tate Modern, Liverpool Film Festival, Latitude, Mahogany Sessions, The ICA London and Random Acts, Channel 4.
Off set Matilda can be found Dj’ing and mixing and cutting music and visiting galleries. Photography, writing and painting are an integrated part of her daily creative life and process of creating.

Best Fantasy Film, Poppy Jasper International Film Festival, Morgan Hill​​​, US
Small Selkie
Fresh 18 Awards
Tate Modern, South Social film festal 

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